Phyllis Jones

PJones photoPhyllis Jones is an associate professor in Special Education at the University of SouthFlorida. Her research interests include inclusion, insider perspectives, andthe education of teachers of students with low incidence disabilities. She iscurrently Principal Investigator of a project that supports meaningful accessto general education for students with low incidence disabilities.

When I was a young girl living in the North East of England, our main form of transport out of the small town was a public bus. My family and I would sit in the bus shelter waiting for the bus to arrive with a sense of positive anticipation of the trip we were going to take. However, on occasion we would wait and the bus would not arrive at the scheduled time; sometimes the bus was late and sometimes it did not come at all. On many of these occasions, we had to return home or change our plans for the day. We never knew if the bus that was late would actually come, and I remember vividly, the sense of worry I had about whether the bus would ever come at all. Read more

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