Kim Scott

scott picKimberly A. Scott is an Associate Professor in the Mary Lou Fulton Graduate School and Institute of Education at Arizona Sate University in the Division of Advanced Studies of Education Policy, Leadership, and Curriculum.  Her research interests include urban education issues related to technology equity.  In addition to being the Executive Director/Principal Investigator of COMPUGIRLS, Kim is also Executive Editor of The State of Black Arizona.

Despite the presence of the first Black in America’s highest political position, this success does not necessarily cross gender and/or social class boundaries.  For example, women of color are less likely to enter technology fields than White females (see Goode & Margolis, 2004; Margolis & Fisher, 2003; NSF, 2006)  To explain this phenomenon requires consideration of how a girl’s race, gender, social class, context, and community involvement work together to create their real-time and virtual experiences with digital media.

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